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No other fintech provider within the financial industry can match the diversity and quality offered by the NetDania customer-centric product suite

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We offer a wide range of client applications, some of which have the highest user rating in the industry - for instance the NetDania Mobile App, and the NetDania Mobile Chart Framework. Check out our products, and let’s meet on-site or online to see if we can add value to your business and your customers.

Add the visual identity of your company

Offer your clients and employees some of the highest user rated applications globally. On a daily basis, our applications are used by thousands of professionals working within the world’s largest financial institutions, and by hundreds of thousands of private individuals.

Be smart - Save time and costs

Use our proprietary technology to distribute your own data. It's highly scalable, handling hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users at very low cost.

Regardless of whether you host it or we host it, we handle remote installation, maintenance, surveillance, redundancy and failover. We host the vast majority of our customers.

If you are interested in subscribing to data from global markets and exchanges, we are partnering with global data vendors, news sources and liquidity providers, making us able to meet your requirements.

Increase your conversion rates 

Benefit from the built-in app analytics supporting leading marketing analytics, and automation platforms, including AppsFlyer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Firebase, and Flurry. Target your marketing, and make it relevant. A customer-centric approach adds value to your company and customers, and may increase your hit rate 4-6 times.

Co-located with Tier 1 banks

Tradable FX feed which includes 50+ spot currency pairs & gold/silver spot rates against major currencies. The feed is a composite feed derived exclusively from Tier-1 Liquidity Providers, showing best Bid and Ask from top of the book. The feed typically shows very tight spreads. It has a high update frequency, and a low latency - fully matching that of more expensive data providers. NetDania operates redundant server setups with crossborder fail-over capabilities.

The feed is available via an ultra low latency FIX connection out of LD4 or via our Client API's.


Validate trader decisions in the moment of action

Build confident traders and stimulate trading with the real-time, actionable analysis on over 7,500 global large caps, stock indices, FX, derivatives and commodities.

Analyst Views concisely conveys the key technical details on an asset, helping investors gain a clear understanding of a scenario. Trends are identified through the proprietary macro models created by TRADING CENTRAL’s awarded global research team. The price targets within each analysis show investors what they stand to gain, while the blue stop-loss line marks when a trend is reversed, helping manage their risk.

  • Receive personalized push notifications on trend reversals

  • Three different timeframes: Intraday, Short-term and Mid-term

  • Available in 30 languages

  • One-click trading on any asset

Built for a mobile world

Built in-house, the highly scalable “NetDania Cloud” handles real-time data contribution and distribution, failover, synchronization between devices, cloud execution of alerts and algorithms, push notifications, subscriber management, and much more. With nearly 20 years of hosting experience, we host the vast majority of our customers at very competitive prices.

Call us at +44 (0) 207 558 8405 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We serve the worlds largest financial institutions.